Scientific Explanation of The Great Epic “Ramayana” – Part 1


The Ramayana has been written by great scholars and every version of Ramayana has its own importance but Team HumariBaat will elaborate the scientific explanation of Valmiki’s Ramayana that surely will help in the discovery of the “Ramsetu” and other pieces of evidence related to Ramayana.  Indian Congress Party may bring as many as hurdles in such respect. But Truth always comes out. Sanatana Dharma is rightfully regarded as Pre ancient spectrum and amalgamation of physics, chemistry and biological transformation, that our sages wrote in the form of Upanishads and the epics.

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NOTE DEVA means D (Knower) + EVA (Eshwara)  knowers of Ishwara or ultimate Godhead (ruled by three great gods) and ultimate ruler to the three is “Durga”.

  • Shiva – Knower of Time property
  • Vishnu/Narayana – Knower of Mass Property
  • Brahma – Knower of positioning property.
  • Durga – Knower of all the three properties because she was the ultimate knower of Energy Property.
  • TRUE GOD/PARABRAHMAN is ZERO and Energy is AdiShakti i.e. ONE so GOD_SHAKTI is ZERO ENERGY.

Brief History of Ancient Earth – 

From 100,000 BC to 1000 AD years, devas (gods) presently known as aliens who were having great technologies, used to visit the earth in search of resources, “Samundra Manthan” is one of the great ancient incidents that revealed this truth.  A demigod (half human and half god) called Vivasvan who was a knower of technologies associated with “Solar energy” wanted to initiate his dynasty on the earth. Daksha (Father of Sati) had 64 asexually born daughters. He married off her daughters to Kashyapa. Sage Kashyapa is one of the great cosmic godly sages, whose major objective was to multiplex and upgrade the intelligence of the species on the earth and by getting god’s genes and intelligence to the earth. They wanted to give birth to a new specie which can generate resources for gods. Sage Kashyapa was born to Marichi (one of the seven god’s sages) and Kala (an artistic female sage). Kashyapa transferred his genes to 64 female species offered by Daksha. Aditi was herself a cosmic goddess when there happened the union of cosmic god and cosmic goddess. Demigods (super Intelligent and powerful) or Adityas, Kinners (neither man nor woman) were born.  

From Danu – Danav race was evolved
From Diti – Daitya race was evolved

Neither of them was able to perform the objective that gods wanted to have. Vivasvan then married Saranyu who was a homoerectus. Vivasvan upgraded the genes and gave birth to Vaivasvata Manu (the first homo sapien). Vaivasvat Manu was married to Shradha and from their union came out ten sons and one daughter. Out of 10 sons, one son Ikshvaku founded “Solar Dynasty”. Rest of the nine sons adopted reading Vedic practices as suggested by sage Kashyapa, Through Hawana and Yagyna, the nine sons initiated providing resources and fuel to all the gods. Ila initiated lunar Dynasty. Ila was a woman by birth and married to Budh (demigod associated with planet Budh) and Soma (demigod associated with planet Moon). Pururavas was born to Soma and Ila, who later initiated lunar dynaties. From Manu further 50 sons took birth who started further 50 clans from them further 1000s of clans began.  Ila changed her gender and fathered to three sons.

Lets now Talk about Ramayana

Rishi Vrishrva, who was the Son of eternal sage and one of 10 prajapaties of “Pulatsya”, married to Ilavadi (a daughter of Sage Bhardwaj). Sage Bhardwaj was a son of the Guru of demigods i.e. Brahspati, who was having the ability to map the resources and radiation of Planet Jupiter. Rishi Vrishva gave birth to Kubera who later founded  Yaksha Dynasty. Vrishva gave the Lanka to Kubera. The Lanka was given to Pulastya by Lord Shiva. On this second wife of Vishrwa i.e. Kaikasi filled with jealousy and anger. She was a daughter of a daitya called “Sumali. For a revenge, Kaikasi gave birth to four kids Ravana, Kumbhkarana, Vibhishan, and Shroopnakha. Ravana was extremely intelligent and powerful, he learned 64 arts and all 16 sciences. He was a knower of all Vedic and non – Vedic gospels. He learned the automobile technology from the Yaksha King and his stepbrother Kubera in childhood. But her mother insisted Ravana to learn war methodology too wgich he learned from his maternal grandfather “Sumali”. Kubera guided Ravana with the theory of cosmic planes (Spaceships). Actually, Yakshas were already having good connections with demigods. Ravana was a  being who was in a relationship with great personalities right from childhood. He did a hard penance of Lord Brahma and asked boon that no deva or danva could kill him, only a man from human race who would have only one wife and the one who is completely ordinary would kill him.

Ravana and Vedvati

Vedavati Sacrifise - HumariBaatThere was great sage called Kusadhwaj, who was a son of Bhraspati. He was one of the Brahmarishi. He always meditated on Vedas. Brahma granted him a boon that Goddess Lakshmi’s pure consciousnesses would be mapped in his house that would also encapsulate the properties of Vedas. In short, his daughter although would be an incarnation of Lakshmi but she would be the embodiment of Vedas. So Sage named her as daughter “Vedavati”. Vedavati grew young wanted to have Lord Vishnu as her consort. She was doing penance, while Ravana was passing through. He got attracted to the beauty of Vedavati. After a war of words between Vedavati, Ravana touched her from neck to complete his desire of lust. Vedavati removed his hands and burnt herself through her power of inner Chasity. She cursed her that she would return again to be a reason to get himself killed.

Ravana and Lord Shiva

Shiva mahakali and Ravana

Ravana grew young and married Mandodari (daughter of Mayasur). Then he went to invade northern zone.

Being in the state of the ego of his power and strength, he went to Kailash where Lord Shiva was sitting alongside Devi Bhawani. He just started lifting Kailash. Lord Shiva just thumbed the Kailash with his toe, as such Ravan’s hand was buried under the mountain, he started screaming loud. He on the spot praised Lord Shiva in non-Vedic verses. Lord Shiva and Devi Mahakali gladly appeared in front of Ravana. Shiva offered him chandrahasa sword.  Devi Shakti offered him the knowledge of tantras, sidhas, and weapons.

Well, he came back to Lanka. He initiated sidhha puja of Lord Shiva, a method to map the intelligence using a carbon oriented crystal that can clone anything. Ravana chopped all the 10 heads one by one that had emerged through the cloning crystal to please Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva came and granted again him the boon that the 10 heads are now mapped to his conscious mind. Also, Shiva said he had already granted a boon of crystal to Mandodari that if it would be placed in anyone’s naval than the poison of any weapon could not injure the one. Only By hitting or destroying this nectarine crystal, one could harm him.

Ravana and Birth of Goddess Sita

Sita Taking Birth

Ravana was also a knower of Astrology so he came to knew that only by having a daughter his 12th house which was that of “Moksha” would give him desired result. But He also got to knew that the daughter would be responsible for his death too. So he decided whenever he would have a girl kid, he would not read her. He decided to have test tube baby He immediately demanded the blood of sages and Brahmins from his soldiers. Soldiers kept a large amount of blood in a vessel. Ravana threw his semen and Mandodari’s ovarian cysts in the vessel. Ravana asked his soldiers to bury in the land that had been Barren. Soldiers found such place in the Mithila where there had not been rained for many years. Vedavati’s soul found its shelter in the fusion in the vessel.

On the other hand, King of Mithila Rajrishi Janaka was upset for the reason because people were not able to do agriculture because of barren land and also because he was not having any kid. So Janaka asked Rishi Gautam fora solution who suggested him for an astrological solution i.e. to excavate the barren land with gold plow by his hard work. He did exactly that while plowing, King Janaka found the vessel with a girl child. Janaka thanked Rishi Gautam. Janaka adopted and named the girl as “Jaanaki” and declared her as princess of Mithila.

This was how Goddess Sita took birth. In next portion will tell you about the science of “Lord Rama’s Birth”. Why Rama was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Note: No god or even super gods were doing any magic, it was science. gods were superior in technology we are just moving in a direction whose basics were taught to our ancestors.






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